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 let the power of machine learning, power your savings.

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real-time analysis of purchasing data that can save your entity money

Supply Wizard is a full supply chain module that includes a powerful analytics tool kit. This allows your entity to analysis historical purchasing data against the numerous entity supply contracts.  This analysis, allows you to see item by item, where you can save your entity money on supply costs.    This supply chain analytics is powered my OMNI logic, which is powerful machine learning logic that organizes large amounts of data, making it available for analysis in a useful format. No matter how large or how small, we want to save your entity valuable time and money. Your entity can use only the analytics portion of the module or you may decide to go deeper and integrate to your ERP, to create all electronic purchase orders or manage inventory.

No matter how good you think you are at managing your supply chain cost, we guarantee you will find areas that have been overlooked.  This happens not because of issues with your supply chain team, but because it is the first time ever they will have a tool that analyzes and presents data the way you will see it in Supply Wizard.

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For purchasers: see how SupplyWizard can provide an immediate picture of how much your organization can save and achieve higher contract compliance with your company.

For vendor/distributors: see how you can improve your  customer sales and satisfaction with SupplyWizard’s new set of supply chain tools. 

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