Business and medical supplies marketplace

Helping physicians, hospitals,  universities and other businesses

save on equipment and supplies.

Also, currently providing hard to find COVID-19 supplies.

real-time and Dynamic marketplace with multiple vendors that makes buying at the best price easy

Supply Wizard is a business and medical supplies marketplace.  This supply chain application is powerful and contains machine learning. Using machine learning, Supply Wizard can assist in managing supply spend for your entity.  No matter how large or how small, we want to save your entity valuable time and money. Eliminating the need for jumping site to site to find the best price.  Instead, you can use our business and medical supplies marketplace and tools.  Our application does price analytics to assist in your purchase decisions. 

In addition, our application includes multiple features not found on other similar systems. These features facilitate distributors and GPOs increasing sales and achieving higher contract compliance. Also, saving their customers money.

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For purchasers: see how SupplyWizard can provide an immediate picture of how much your organization can save and achieve higher contract compliance with your company.

For vendor/distributors: see how you can improve your  customer sales and satisfaction with SupplyWizard’s new set of supply chain tools. 

SupplyWIZARD and Suppliesdot.Com are part of suite of products

Helping businesses grow and saving money.

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