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The Supply Wizard and its powerful search engine has been built to ensure that at any given moment you can find the best price on the item you need for your entity.  We aggregate all your contracts and suppliers into one real-time market tool that puts all the information you need right at your fingertips.  Plus, it tracks your purchases against contract spend levels, rebates and other incentives to ensure you never miss an opportunity to save. After working with SupplyWizard, you can determine whether using our full Supply Chain ERP module makes sense for your organization in order to make your entire supply chain process more efficient.

See how SupplyWizard can provide an immediate picture of how much your organization can save every year on the things you purchase.


We have built a powerful tool to help you identify possible savings opportunities for your entity. SupplyWizard runs analysis based on your entity’s purchasing history, vendor contracts and rebates.  This data is easily loaded into our system without any integrations. Then, with the push of a button you can get a detailed analysis, item by item, of your actual spend compared side-by-side with potential replacement items that can add up to real savings for your entity.  In addition, data is easy to maintain on an ongoing basis, so that your entity can review and track every month to ensure you are making better purchasing decisions. 


To get started, there are three easy steps:
  • Step 1 – First, schedule a demo and learn how we can perform an analysis of your potential savings. Based on the size of your entity, we can give you a very affordable quote to perform the analysis. It will be much less than standard consulting fees.
  • Step 2 – Second, you will provide data files in excel or cvs format, which generally can be extracted quickly from your current ERP system. Plus, we need accounting rebate history, for application of rebates in the analysis.  All this generally takes someone less than a day with some limited follow-up questions.
  • Step 3 –  Lastly, a few days later we will finalize your report for your review on the Supply Wizard application.  There is nothing to install and no integrations.  We will review your report with you and provide some training on our application. You will receive use of application for 30 days included in your analysis price.  At this point you can choose to continue to use the application for a monthly fee.

There are additional benefits of staying on the system including physician preference item analysis and access to additional contract vendors that could result in additional savings for your entity.

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