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There are a lot of businesses that focus on the top revenue line and their labor costs, which normally make up a large part of business expenses. However, all too often they ignore their supply expense costs, because of its lessor impact. Our view is this, $10,000 savings in supply expense, is $10,000 to the bottom-line. We believe everyone should spend more time to save money on supplies.

This means it actually is more important than the $10,000 increase in revenue, because of the related expenses it takes to generate the revenue.

Supply Wizard Application

The Supply Wizard application developed for front line managers makes this easy. It allows managers in real-time to consider all their options in making purchases and be able to see quantitatively the savings impact it will have on the business. Legacy systems from Oracle, Lawson and others simply cannot do this and require analysis on the side using Excel spreadsheets most of the time.

Today, we live in what I call the Amazon era, which is dominated with B2C marketplaces for consumers. There are also B2B platforms as well that mimic the B2C markets, but without really making the modifications necessary for these marketplaces to server front line managers to manage multiple vendor contracts, integrate purchasing history and even automate the supply chain process. Yes, they can help you save money on supplies cost, but they fall short in many other needs for businesses.


It is time for companies to spend a little more time managing supply costs. If doing so, you should make sure the processes are automated enough to make this an easy process. Also, make sure it has real-time analytics that allows you, the user, to make more accurate decisions related to your supply chain.

We recommend considering Supply Wizard application to help you facilitate this process. This application can perform all the tasks previously mentioned with ease.

Supply Wizard is a cloud based application with nothing to install. There is no long-term contract to sign. You can be up and running in less than a day. Also, we have also partnered with Office Depot and a couple of other large providers to provide you direct pricing on over 130,000 office and medical supplies.

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