Servicesdot Launches SupplyWizard Supply Chain Management System with Impressive 30 Percent Initial Client Spend/Savings Analyses Results

SupplyWizard is a supply chain management system

Servicesdot software platforms empower companies to vastly improve business processes with easy to install, intuitive to use and affordable to operate systems. SupplyWizard is a supply chain management system for office and healthcare supplies and products that provides actionable purchasing decision-making support by accurately analyzing pricing at the per unit level and revealing savings through improved purchasing decision options over time.

January 6, 2020 (NASHVILLE) – Innovative solutions provider announced today the launch of its money and time saving SupplyWizard Supply Chain Management system, along with impressive 30 percent savings findings from spend/savings analyses performed for healthcare and higher education clients in the fourth quarter of 2019.

 “We implemented and ran the SupplyWizard analysis function for two of our initial clients and the analytics revealed detailed savings options in key purchase areas that could save both clients approximately 30% of their total annual spend on supplies,” stated Kenneth Perry, Servicesdot Chief Executive Officer, “The analyses reviewed approximately fifty percent of the supply items used annually by each client including the highest volume, most often purchased items.  The findings were in-line with or in some cases better than we had anticipated.”

The SupplyWizard system combines powerful search/match technology, a robust marketplace of vetted suppliers, and client purchasing/spend history and contractual parameters including all discounts and rebate information available to them.  The system provides a truly unmatched presentation of best purchasing options at the individual item level with best like-item options presented to purchasing decision makers with price comparisons shown at the per item level.  Aggregate savings potential accompanies each comparison. SupplyWizard works by combining powerful functionality in an easy to use platform allowing purchasing managers to dynamically move from individual item detail to big picture savings projections on the fly.

SupplyWizard is ideal for hospitals, large physician groups, universities and similar entities.  Many of these employ legacy system supply chain modules that do not provide the kind of daily decision making support that guarantees best-choice, best-price purchasing. With SupplyWizard, organizations can manage their contracts to maximize their GPO benefits in ways that have not been available through their legacy ERP systems.

“We are providing a B2B marketplace that delivers accurate, actionable, detail-level decision making support that drives ongoing purchasing behavior to the lowest possible spend on every single item,” added Perry, “with real-time, per-unit price comparison analytics that factor in all discounts, rebates, incentives and special offers. We believe that nothing else in the market delivers this level of actionable, projectable and reportable savings.  This kind of analysis would take an individual countless hours of searching different suppliers, factoring in per-item packaging and pricing, manually calculating all contractual and incentive discounts and rebates, then compiling the information for presentation. SupplyWizard does all of that with a few easy to enter and select parameters and a single command.  It really is a game changer for supply purchasing managers,” added Perry, “The savings presented in both initial analyses were in the tens of thousands of dollars based on these two clients’ actual annual spend, but the greater the organizational spend, the greater the savings.”

SupplyWizard is a supply chain management system and can function as a stand-alone software solution that does not require integration into existing enterprise resource systems (ERPs), or it can be interfaced readily with other supply chain, accounting and reporting software.  This system is cloud based and uses your existing browser to access the system.

“From the point of decision to use SupplyWizard to full functionality takes around 10 business days, and for most organizations no more than one or two days of work on their part to compile the information needed to set up the system,” stated Perry, “Our driving philosophy is to eliminate the pain of system decision making, system implementation and ongoing system operation.  We know that fast, affordable, high functionality is critical to our products success in the market.  We design, implement and support all of our offerings to maximize their benefits to our clients from day one.”

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