Gain immediate access to hundreds of potential new customers or manage your existing customers more efficiently

Welcome to Supply Wizard – A patent pending supply chain application that provides vendors better access into entities using our market place search engine, AI and analytics.  It provides the tools manufacturers, GPOs and distributors need to produce new sales in hospitals, clinics and universities.   Our application is GPO friendly and allows for better compliance, but also maximizing the contract benefits for its GPO membership.  As a result, you want your catalog of products to be included in Supply Wizard.  Watch our 4 minute video to learn more.

See how you can improve your  customer sales and satisfaction with our new set of supply chain tools. 

Understand what your customers are buying

Supply Wizard is the most current Supply Chain system built in the last 30 years, with powerful real-time analytics. This empowers vendors to provide top tier service to it’s customers and have insights into the customers needs that allow for building targeted sales plans for current or potential customers. Therefore, you can detail match your catalog to current or potential customers needs automatically with the Vendor Wizard Tool.  This provides item by item analysis for potential sales to your customers.

implementing and maintaining your system has never been easier

The Supply Wizard has created powerful tools that make implementing your system, loading catalogs, providing contracting discounts easy.  As a result,  you are able to spend your time growing your sales and fulfilling orders.  We have incorporated many Excel templates into the system that make importing and exporting data no longer a problem.  You can load your 500,000 item catalog in just a few minutes.

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